Bloedel Donovan Stormwater Retrofit

Project Overview
This project provided a stormwater retrofit for the western park portion of Bloedel Donovan Park. This area was found to have high phosphorus and fecal contamination in the areas of turf. The park had highly compacted soils and high runoff rates that were carrying contaminants to the lake. The combination of a treatment trench and conversion of shoreline to sand beaches provides the treatment mechanisms for this area. It is estimated that the 6-acre area has reached a 90% treatment goal with an approximate phosphorus reduction of 6 lbs/year.

Completed stormwater and shoreline improvement projects at Bloedel Donovan Park included onsite stormwater mitigation, the removal of existing concrete bulkhead, beach improvements, as well as expanding native planting areas.

Project Details
  • Jurisdiction: City of Bellingham
  • Final Construction Cost: $512,000
  • Completion Date: 2015
Project Area
The Bloedel Donovan stormwater retrofits are located in the Silver Beach neighborhood.

Project Manager
Gina Austin, P.E.
Parks and Recreation - Design and Development
City of Bellingham
Phone: (360) 778-7000

Bloedel Donovan Park Master Plan Amendment


Before bulkhead removal and beach improvements
Before bulkhead removal 
After bulkhead removal and beach improvements