Barkley/Britton Pond Conversion to Rock Plant Filter

Project Overview
The Barkley/Britton Road stormwater treatment conversion project modified the existing wet pond at this location to a rock plant filter design emulating the system used by WWU in treating their south campus. This project is still being monitored for effectiveness but has shown removal of approximately 50% of total phosphorus with an annual removal rate of approximately 12 lbs. from its 22 acre tributary area.

Project Details
  • Jurisdiction: City of Bellingham
  • Contractor: HB Hanson
  • Final Construction Cost: $150,952
  • Completion Date: October 2010
Project Area
The Barkley/Britton Pond Conversion Project is located in the Silver Beach Neighborhood.

Project Manager
Freeman Anthony, P.E.
Project Engineer
City of Bellingham
Phone: (360) 778-7900

Project Map

Britton Pond Pre-Construction
Installing vaults