Cedar Hills/Euclid Stormwater Improvements

Project Overview
The Cedar Hills/Euclid Stormwater Improvements Project reduces phosphorus loading and treats stormwater runoff from approximately 48 acres of residential development. Prior to construction, stormwater flows were conveyed to Lake Whatcom with little or no treatment for particulates and dissolved nutrients.  Bioinfiltration swales, storm filter vaults, and pretreatment facilities were installed along Cedar Hills Avenue, Euclid Avenue, Lakeway Drive, and Piedmont Place.  Streambank stabilization and native plantings were incorporated into the project to further reduce phosphorus loading from an incised and eroding stream channel. In addition to phosphorus removal, the Cedar Hills/Euclid Stormwater Improvements Project provides additional environmental benefits by removing heavy metals, fecal coliform bacteria, and total suspended solids through the bioinfiltration swales and storm filter vaults.  Habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms in Euclid Creek and Lake Whatcom are enhanced by the improvements in all of these water quality parameters. This project was funded with local funds and grants from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Project Details
  • Jurisdiction: Whatcom County 
  • Contractor: Stremler Gravel, Inc.
  • Final Construction Cost: $1,039,477
  • Completion Date: September 2016
Project Area
The Cedar Hills/Euclid Stormwater Improvements project is located in the in the Geneva Neighborhood near the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Lakeway Drive.

Kraig Olason, Stormwater Program Manager
Whatcom County Public Works Stormwater Division
Phone: (360) 778-6230

Project Location Map
During Construction
Streambank stabilization construction
streambank stabilization
bioinfiltration swale construction
Completed Project
completed bioinfiltration swale
bioinfiltration swale