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Lake Whatcom Watershed residents continue to do their part to help protect the Lake for future generations. You can help too by becoming a Lake Whatcom Steward today. Learn more about some of the small actions you can take to protect the Lake by clicking on the Help the Lake section below. We also encourage you to attend an event to learn more about efforts you can take to protect the Lake for future generations.
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The Lake Whatcom Watershed offers residents of Whatcom County many lake-friendly opportunities for recreation and exploration. Look here for a full list of public access points and lake-friendly leisure activities.
The Lake Whatcom Management Program hosts many events throughout the year where you can ask staff questions, learn more about our programs, and hear about efforts you can take to protect the Lake. 
Because people live, work, and play in the Lake Whatcom Watershed, our everyday actions can have a profound impact on the Lake's water quality. Learn about some of the many small actions you can take that will help to protect the Lake for future generations.
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At School
Whether you are a student, a business owner, a resident, or a visitor to the Lake Whatcom Watershed, there are a variety of things you can do to protect the Lake.
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