Car Washing

Photo by M. Jovan, 2015

Did you know...

Outdoor car washing results in large amounts of dirt, road grime, oil, and heavy metals flowing into waterways. The soapy water used to wash the car flows down the street and into storm drains. Water that enters storm drains travels directly to the nearest body of water without being treated. 

You can help!

Use a commercial car wash

This is the best option to keep harmful chemicals from entering our streams and lakes. Commercial car wash water is recycled and sent to the wastewater plant for treatment.

Wash on your lawn

When washing your car at home, wash it on your lawn or a pervious surface, so the wash water can soak into the ground and pollutants will be filtered out. Use phosphorus-free soap to decrease the amount of nutrients entering our waterways. Excess nutrients harm water quality and aquatic life.

Utilize an At Home Car Care Kit

Car Wash Fundraisers