Neighborhood Native Landscaping Program

The Neighborhood Native Landscaping Program (NNLP) invites Lake Whatcom watershed homeowners outside city limits to convert existing lawns and landscaping into native plant gardens. Visit the NNLP website to sign-up.

In 2022, Whatcom County transitioned from the Homeowner Incentive Program to a Neighborhood Native Landscaping Program (NNLP) to provide homeowners outside of city limits with an initiative to improve water quality by planting native vegetation. An important part of NNLP is getting a group of close neighbors (generally within walking distance) to participate, resulting in a cluster of native landscaping projects that are installed during a neighborhood planting party.

Whatcom County works in partnership with the Whatcom Conservation District to provide participating homeowners with planting plans, permitting, materials (plants and mulch), and installation assistance, free of charge.

For more information, visit the NNLP website.