Get Rid of Your Yard Waste the Right Way

close up of rake and fallen leaves with grass

Did recent windstorms leave a pile of leaves in your yard? What to do with all of those leaves? It may not seem intuitive, but yard waste is pollution. You are required to dispose of it properly. Dumping it near ditches, roads, creeks or Lake Whatcom is not a good option.

Leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste piled near ditches, roads, or water can:

  • Plug storm drains and culverts, causing flooding and increasing maintenance costs.

  • Add excess nutrients and other pollutants to the water, harming water quality and wildlife.

  • Spread invasive plants, harming native vegetation and habitat.

Best choices for yard waste disposal:

  • Use FoodPlus! curbside service from Sanitary Service Company for yard waste, food scraps, and more. (360) 734-3490

  • Take it to RDS Recycling and Disposal Services at 4916 Labounty Dr., Ferndale ,WA 98248. (360) 384-8011

  • Take it to Green Earth Technology at 774 Meadowlark Dr., Lynden, WA 98264. (360) 354-4936

What about composting?

Lake Whatcom is sensitive to nutrients like phosphorus found in yard waste. Compost piles can leach phosphorus into surface or groundwater that flows into Lake Whatcom, contributing to water quality problems. The best option for protecting water quality in the Lake Whatcom watershed is to use a commercial composting facility like the ones mentioned above.